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"BooBoo, ain't dis briskit delishus?"

"It is, Clarisse, but knot as delishus as your whisker kisses."

"KeeKee, watt iz yu duing?"

"I haff nefur seed barbecued turkeymeat, my luffly and talented Mimi. I juss wanna make shure it knot roont. *sniff sniff* Ahhh, smells grate!"

"Snowey, is yu eggsited about da firewerks?"

"Yes, Misty. Da onliest ting more eggsiting is being wiff you tunite."

"Snowpuff, is dis knot da bestest barbecue in da werld?"

"It do beez, Sissy. Dem Texas kitties and puppers shure know dey way around a smokehowse!"

"Jackie, duz you tink dere is snakes here in Texas?"

"Yes! Sew menny dat dey haff tu haff cattests tu round'em all up! But donut werry, Keedie, I iz here tu purrtect you."