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Bitsy:"Mmmm, don't the ribs smell good!"*I'm glad I managed to be first in line. I hope I can stuff some leftovers in my bag.*

Bambi:"Hay dere, Bitsy. My, don't yu luks luffly today!"*How did she manij tu get furst in line? Well, at least she donut haff a reticule tu stuff extry fud into. Oh, wate, what's dat? She brunged a hole danged wikker basket!*

Elizabeth: I'm so hungry I cud eet dawg fude!"*If I wuz Bambi I bleeve I'd stay outta da chow line. Duzn't she effur luk in a mirror?.*

Pepper:"Get outta day way! I furst in line! Moof it or lose it!"